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Corn or Bolting Data, It’s All About Collection and Storage

At first glance, farming and industrial bolting have nothing to do with each other but farming is actually a great analogy for data collection and storage during industrial bolting operations.

In the past, crops were gathered by hand which took time and there was quite a lot of grain lost during the process. The barns in which the grain was stored were basic and some of the grain was lost, eaten by rodents and insects. In more recent years, the farming industry has turned to technology enabling the collection to be much more efficient using combined harvesters and the storage more safe and reliable using modern day silo’s.

Much more recently, the industrial bolting industry has recognized that existing data collection and storage methods were slow, inefficient, unreliable or even non-existent. The industrial bolting industry is turning more and more to technology to enable data to be gathered and stored to assure joint integrity and minimize leaks but for some reason the industry has got things the wrong way around.

Using the farming analogy for the industrial bolting industry, there are some great modern and reliable silos on the market (AKA data storage software) but most people are still harvesting the grain by hand. This creates a false sense of security for contractors and asset owners and leaves a large and very weak link in the chain – human error at the point of collection.

The Torq-Comm Commander XT data collection devices are effectively the combined harvester, quickly and efficiently gathering all the data, removing the possibility of human error. The devices are incredibly easy to use, they tag and recognize exactly which bolt is being tightened ensuring it is in the correct sequence. The devices will also not allow any manual input or subsequent manipulation of data, ensuring what is gathered is exactly what is stored. Of course, Torq-Comm have their own silo design but their data collection harvester can deposit the grain into anybody else’s silo too.

Everybody knows that any system is only as strong as its weakest link and using the farming analogy, thanks to Torq-Comm, asset owners can now rest assured that what they have stored in their silo is the best quality crop gathered in the most efficient and reliable way.

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