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Leveling The Playing Field

Anybody involved in the industrial bolting industry over the past two or three decades will have seen massive changes taking place in safety, accuracy and data collection. It really isn’t that long ago since the “master bolter” claimed they could tell when the nut and bolt were tight enough by the ring of the flogging spanner when they whacked it with a big hammer. Like a lot of industries and even in our general day-to-day life, we look back and cringe at what was quite acceptable at the time. There are now training courses available like the ECITB MJI (Mechanical Joint Integrity) course which originated in the UK but is now becoming widely accepted around the world. These courses are invaluable in giving “rookie bolters” a head start in understanding the intricacies and safety implications of industrial bolting activities. There is still however, no replacement for good old experience……..or at least there wasn’t, until now. The Commander XT range from Torq-Comm takes all the finer details out of the “master bolters” heads and puts it in the palm of the “rookie bolters” hand, or to be more precise, strapped to their forearm.

Torq-Comm has literally taken guys with absolutely no bolting experience whatsoever and within minutes had them tightening bolts right, first time, every time, even on multiple passes. Having the Commander XT on their forearm has been like having a “master bolter” standing next to them, telling them exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

The stringent requirements now being made by the asset owners upon the bolting contractors as far as ever higher standards of bolting and data collection, leaves one wondering how they can meet their client’s requirements in the future without including the Torq-Comm Commander XT system.

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