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Ready to Take Europe by Storm

As the Torq-Comm global distribution network continues to grow, a major step forward has been taken on the European mainland. Following the recent appointment of Danish company EP Tools AS to cover Denmark and Sweden and Belgian company 1st Bolting a training seminar was held at the 1st Bolting facility in Brussels.

Torq-Comm CTO, Rick Iannello, travelled to Belgium to train the sales teams for both companies at once and commented “We had an extremely successful training seminar and both teams were really pumped about the Torq-Comm products. They can’t wait to get out and present our revolutionary systems to their clients who have been crying out for this technology.”

The Torq-Comm business model is to have highly trained personnel within every distribution point around the world, ensuring that a customer gets the same high level of knowledgeable customer service as they would if they contacted the head office. This approach is proving highly successful as they continue to expand their global presence.

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