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Customer Success in Bolting Quality Assurance

As the digitalization revolution continues to sweep across a broad range of industry sectors, industrial bolting is no exception. Businesses have no option but to become more efficient through the use of modern digital technologies. Any that resist, do so at their peril as they will undoubtably be left behind.

Torq-Comm XT1000Here at Torq-Comm, supplying our process control and data collection hardware and software is just the beginning. We continuously support our customers, and measure the effectiveness and user experience of our products. The feedback we have received has enabled us to hone our products and support into a world leading combination. Not only were we the first, but we continue to be the very best at what we do, period.

We recently posed a few key questions to our longest standing customer, Dark Energy Solutions of Ontario, Canada:

TCI: Aaron, thank you so much for sparing a little of your precious time to answer our questions. Firstly, can I ask, do you always use the Torq-Comm system when tightening flanges?

AV: Yes, 99% of the time. Since I’ve had the system there has only been a couple times where it wasn’t needed. I can tell you that it feels strange to not use it.

TCI: Have you ever had to re-tighten a flange after an initial tightening with the Torq-Comm system? Any leaking flanges?
AV: I have never had to re-tighten a flange that I have done, but I have had to re-tighten flanges done by others. I always employ the system when doing so. No leaks as of yet. I am very diligent in using the check pass feature at least once per flange and sometimes twice, depending on my observations while torquing.

TCI: Have you had to train a new operator on the system? How quickly do they catch on?
AV: When I first started using the system I trained a young guy to use it. He caught on right away.

Thank you for your time Aaron!

So there you have it. They almost always use it, have never had a joint fail after using it, but have had to tidy up after others who hadn’t used it, and its super easy to use. You can’t help wondering why anybody wouldn’t use the Torq-Comm Commander XT system when tightening industrial bolted joints. The savings in not having to go back to leaking joints to retighten them, ensure the system pays for itself in no time. Can you afford to have leaking joints? Almost certainly not. Can we make them a thing of the past? Absolutely, so contact us today for a demonstration, you’ll never look back.

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