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The Torq-Comm XT1000 and XT2000 are the most innovative tools available for hydraulic torque collection and control. With a hi-res camera, GPS, barcode with 1D, 2D, and RFID, Bluetooth, wifi, and 3G-4G cellular, almost all data collection scenarios are possible.

Our patented technology has bridged the gap between “I think” and “I know”.

Torq-Comm is a revolutionary company whose focus is on:

  • Collection and control of critical data helping to ensure the assembly process is completed properly
  • Production Control by enabling industry standard or custom work instructions to the operator, remotely controlling pump settings, auto data acquisition and one touch report generation

Through the use of our unique wireless pump control system, “close enough” has been eliminated along with the lost time attempting to adjust accurately.

With 30 years experience in Quality Control and product development, Torq-Comm aides in meeting and exceeding safety and regulatory demands.

Through the use of Bluetooth technology and rugged, handheld computers, our patented technology provides real time torque and tension data and parameters without hindering the assembly process.

Torq-Comm is a necessary insurance; because after all, “Without data, it’s just an opinion!”

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