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Torq-Comm’s Commander XT2000 Closed-Loop Wireless Hydraulic Pump Control Makes for Better Bolting

Torq-Comm closed-loop-systemHow do you drastically reduce the risks in a critical, yet often overlooked, area of construction and assembly projects? Use Torq-Comm’s best in class Commander XT2000. Like its counterpart, the Commander XT1000, it will provide process control and data collection, thus ensuring job quality, maximizing safety, realizing operational efficiency, and providing additional cost savings during industrial bolting operations.

Until recently, the idea of a wireless, closed-loop, hydraulic, pump control system has been just a pipedream (forgive the pun). Not anymore! Torq-Comm’s Commander XT2000 ControLoop™ works on almost any make or model of pump, taking full control of the pump pressure setting and adjustment process while also:

  • collecting extensive data
  • providing for remote supervision via our real-time cloud-based software
  • enabling operators to follow a managed bolting procedure via process control

Using the Torq-Comm Commander XT2000 ControLoop™ system eliminates the need to invest tens of thousands in new data-logging hydraulic pumps, allowing you to utilize the pumps you already have. How is this accomplished?

  • Torq-Comm’s patented ControLoop™ is wirelessly controlled and easily added to, and removed from, the hydraulic pump’s pressure regulator
  • ControLoop™ is easily interchangeable between similar make and model pumps
  • The ControLoop™ controller does not modify the pump itself, so it does not affect the manufacturer’s warranty


With the Torq-Comm Commander XT2000 ControLoop™ wireless, closed-loop, pump control system you’ll realize:

Cost Savings

  • Minimizes the number of operators needed since it automatically adjusts the pump and records the data
  • Saves time and equipment: The bolting will be done right first time, every time, and always in spec, ensuring no revisits are required to correct errors, and no discarding of bolts due to overtightening
  • Automates data analysis and reporting, with finished pdf reports providing supervisors up to the minute traceability information, job status and bolting data

Improved Safety

  • Critical decisions are not left up to the operator’s discretion, ensuring the joint will be correctly and safely tightened each and every time
  • Due to its small size, and Velcro wrist strap, the operator is never encumbered, leaving both hands free to ensure ultimate safety
  • Delivery of work instructions in real time ensure the latest specifications are always used

Exceptional Job Quality

  • Real time closed-loop control automatically adjusts pump pressures to best ensure the proper torque is applied to each and every bolt
  • Process control oversight means less time for rookie operators to become proficient in a quickly growing workforce
  • Automated data collection and analysis eliminates post-job documentation
  • Guided bolting patterns are specified with TorqTags, ensuring bolts are tightened according to the specified pattern
  • No data can be edited by anyone, nor entered manually, thus ensuring truth and accuracy

With the use of Torq-Comm’s XT2000 ControLoop™ system, you’ll be answering yes to questions essential to success in the digitalizing energy world:

  • Can you mobilize qualified teams for multiple projects quickly and confidently?
  • Can your system take independent control of the hydraulic pump, irrespective of most makes and models, with no intrusive modifications ensuring specifications are met?

The Torq-Comm XT2000 ControLoop™ system will give you the foundation you need to meet and exceed your corporate and customer’s goals.

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