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Torq-Comm Appoints Master Distributer for Western Europe

Having a network of skilled and experienced distributers and agents on the ground, where our customers need them, is a key part of the Torq-Comm strategy. It ensures that client support, is available locally, allowing us to quickly meet our customer’s needs.

To support our local distributers and agents, we establish regional master distributors, who provide them with support and also hold our products in stock. This regional stock holding speeds up delivery, further enabling us to provide the end users with world class service and quick delivery when needed.

We are therefore delighted to announce, that we have appointed Power Bolting Systems, based near Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England, as our Master Distributor for Western Europe. Although a relatively new player in the industrial bolting sector, the individuals behind the company most certainly are not. Between them, they have decades of experience and understanding of the bolting industry.

Power Bolting Systems pride themselves on being independent, allowing them to provide their many major global clients, with the very best solutions, from a large pool of tooling and equipment manufacturers. Their focus is, and always has been upon health and safety during industrial bolting operations, and they have for some time, been developing hands free bolting systems. When they were introduced to the Torq-Comm Commander XT, process control and data collection devices and cloud-based software, they could immediately appreciate that it was a potential major step forward for their clients.

They could also appreciate what a major advance it was for the bolting industry in general, and after some demonstrations and negotiations, the master distribution agreement was signed.

Power Bolting Systems Director, Marcus Gunn commented “We already had a pretty good system that was working well for our clients, but when we saw just how much more the Torq-Comm products could do, we knew it would be a great addition for many of our clients across a broad range of industries. We are delighted to be able to bring this innovative product to the market across Western Europe.”

Our CEO, Paul Iannello added “Having the right people on the ground is key to our success, and our ability to provide world class customer service. In Power Bolting Systems we most certainly have the right people. Marcus and his team have many decades of experience in the industrial bolting sector, and we couldn’t wish for a better partner to develop our business across Europe.”

Another great example of our commitment to providing our clients with world class support and customer service, no matter where in the world they are.

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