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The Ultimate Team Taking the USA by Storm

For many years, MEYER, Corpus Christi has been delivering technology to their clients across The United States of America and beyond. Their ethos is truly clear: “Tell us what you need, and if we don’t have it, we’ll design and manufacture it to meet your needs and expectations”. Sounds simple doesn’t it? In reality, many product and service companies come short of the mark. MEYER actually decides where that mark should be, and then surpass it every time.

So, why on earth would the global leader in industrial bolting process control, data collection and storage be singing the praises of a manufacturer and service provider? Well, if the senior team at Torq-Comm International Inc. had gathered around a table and written a specification for the perfect exclusive partner to work with them across the USA, MEYER would have matched it perfectly.

Be it the company ethos, the quality of their products, the professionalism of their people and their exceptional customer service, everything about MEYER, aligns perfectly with everything about Torq-Comm. With the benefit of hindsight, the collaboration is an absolute no brainer! MEYER is joining Torq-Comm to exclusively market and sell their Commander XT range of hardware and software to all US sectors involved in industrial bolting. The Torq-Comm system delivers real-time, paperless, wireless torque data collection to the cloud into a data base providing 100% accountability and traceability.

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Torq-Comm mirrors well with MEYER’s dedication to technology while MEYER has a leadership position in addressing industry challenges through software engineering and electrical controls while incorporating mechanical development. MEYER’s patented SPYDER® automated greasing system is another example of developing and incorporating technology into industrial applications to improve productivity while increasing safety.

Torq-Comm CEO, Paul Iannello commented; “We have been working long and hard to get our revolutionary products recognized and accepted across many industry sectors around the world. Our progress to date has been exceptional however, this development is without doubt, the most exciting and pivotal moment in the growth of our organization to date. We are super excited to be working with MEYER and wish them every success.”

MEYER CEO, David Key added; “The addition of Torq-Comm to MEYER’s technology family continues to enhance MEYER’s overall offering to our customer base to develop and utilize technology to improve productivity, improve quality and provide a safer working environment. TCI is a perfect partner with their well thought out superior patented technology and commitment to their customers.”

If anybody needed any more proof that as the leader in their field, Torq-Comm International Inc. is 100% committed to continued global growth and expansion, as well as customer support and service second to none, this is without doubt all the proof they could ever need.

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