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Digitalization and Preparation for the Post-COVID “New Normal”

This time last year, nobody could have predicted how 2020 would have affected every facet of our lives, not least the global economy. Great swathes of the world ground almost to a halt for weeks on end. Few would have thought that by the end of the year, mankind would still be wrestling with this global pandemic, and the devastating effect it has had on so many industry sectors.

There are positive signs on the horizon as far as getting the pandemic under control and the world back to something like normal. What this normal will look like remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain, it will be a different normal in many ways to that we were used to before 2020.

Many companies have managed to weather this storm, as solution providers we are focused on ensuring you have the tools you need to help your companies not only weather the storm, but also grow stronger.  The time to begin focussing upon the changes necessary to do this, is now.

The introduction of the Torq-Comm patented digital software and hardware solution suite into the joint integrity processes, allows companies to increase their efficiency and profitability and remain competitive. The use of the Torq-Comm Commander XT process control and data collection system, for bolting operations across a broad range of industries is a perfect example of this.

Operational Efficiency

A leak free joint first time, every time, will greatly increase the efficiency of bolting operations, removing the need for technicians to return to incorrectly tightened or leaking joints, after equipment installation or scheduled maintenance.

Global Team Support

A single supervisor can manage multiple bolting crews, providing them with digital work instructions and monitoring the bolting operation real time. Thanks to the cloud-based software, both the supervisor and the bolting crews can be anywhere in the world.

Automated Process Control

Wirelessly enable technician’s quick and easy access to all the latest operational work instructions stored in our cloud-based software and delivered directly to our hands free device. Unwieldy and unreliable paper-based work instructions are eliminated, as is the need to have a supervisor in close proximity to the work site.

Cloud Based Data Collection & Analytics

As each bolting operation progresses, the automated real time data collection and upload to our cloud-based software eliminates manual adjustments and all job data entry, The data is then safely stored and available for review at any time in the future. Analysis of this data allows companies to identify ways in which they can become even more efficient on future projects.

Safety Certifications

Manually completed, paper-based records for bolting operations can in no way be relied upon as confirmation and certification that the joint is tight and safe. With paper-based systems, there are just to many opportunities for errors to creep into the data. With the use of the patented Torq-Comm Commander XT system, the data is collected accurately and automatically with no opportunity for manual override at and stage in the process. The subsequent report can quite literally be used as certification for the reliability of each bolted joint.

2021, approached correctly with the digitalization of workforce and processes, offers great opportunities for businesses prepared to invest in the future and make our “new normal” global economy, a positive and healthy one.

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