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For technology to be integrated in to pre-existing procedures I’ve noticed a key factor: Ease of Use.

Technology must be easy for the end user. Seasoned hands remember the good old days of slugging wrenches. Many claimed to know a nut and bolt were tight when the wrench rang with a certain tone. More recently the industry has made a much-needed shift to calibrated tooling, quality control and data collection. The Engineers must make the process easy for the end user. If the field techs aren’t comfortable with it, they won’t use it.

The Torq-Comm Commander unit condenses down; Data, Values, Procedure and Quality Control all into a handheld user friendly device. The Commander can be affixed to the users arm via an arm-band. This feature allows a single user to safely and efficiently operate the device.

I began testing the unit at our home office here in Houston, Texas.  After I spent a few minutes going through the process, I could establish a rhythm of work. Once I became comfortable with the functions and options of the device. I could move through the bolting sequence smoothly without any issues. Bottom line this device saves time and money.

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