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With 25 years experience in what I do, I have learned that the development of trust with a vendor is critical. If I don’t trust a vendor, it is impossible for me to work with them. To everybody at IEA the definition of perfection is perpetual improvement. The guys at Torq-Comm genuinely believe in their product and how it can improve safety and profitability. It is a great product, but equally important to them is that their customer support is second to none. They will jump on a plane without a second thought if necessary, and are clearly willing to not just supply product, but to partner with us to the benefit of us all. They are also flexible and willing to adapt to our specific requirements. I can count on two hands, and have fingers left over, the number of vendors I would put in this category.

The system has been great. It has given us far more accuracy than any other systems we’ve used in the past.

I can say I am 100% confident that these bolts are 100% spot on.

The Torq-Comm system has definitely enabled us to conduct our work on bolted connections in a more controlled manner, a more efficient manner, and it prevents any missed connections/fasteners. It enables us the ability to record and present the data to any auditors, OEM’s, or clients, and we can now register all our connection torque data in our maintenance system. I am very satisfied with the system, its support, and its ease of use, and I would definitely recommend Torq-Comm to any of my industry peers.

Real time results and reporting. User friendly software with step by step procedures that boosts the operators confidence in doing his/her job. Customers are raving about the ability to locate each job by longitude and latitude. This leads to increased productivity and less wasted time. This advanced technology is the way forward.

This system couldn’t have made an Engineer’s job easier. Living in a world where technology is constantly evolving, I truly believe that this device has proved itself. As  Petroleum Engineer, I never thought that fastening nuts and bolts can be made this simple. The opportunity this product gives should be taken advantage of by everyone in the Bolt Torqueing industry.

Excellent product! This should be in every industrial tool box that uses any flanged piping. Please use my contacts in any way possible to get this product in use. Thank you.

For technology to be integrated in to pre-existing procedures I’ve noticed a key factor: Ease of Use.

Technology must be easy for the end user. Seasoned hands remember the good old days of slugging wrenches. Many claimed to know a nut and bolt were tight when the wrench rang with a certain tone. More recently the industry has made a much-needed shift to calibrated tooling, quality control and data collection. The Engineers must make the process easy for the end user. If the field techs aren’t comfortable with it, they won’t use it.

The Torq-Comm Commander unit condenses down; Data, Values, Procedure and Quality Control all into a handheld user friendly device. The Commander can be affixed to the users arm via an arm-band. This feature allows a single user to safely and efficiently operate the device.

I began testing the unit at our home office here in Houston, Texas.  After I spent a few minutes going through the process, I could establish a rhythm of work. Once I became comfortable with the functions and options of the device. I could move through the bolting sequence smoothly without any issues. Bottom line this device saves time and money.

I was desperately trying to secure a bolting contract from a major corporation, but there was a condition which I could not meet. The customer was requesting full, real-time bolt torqueing data acquisition. This posed a challenge as the technology to perform this feat seemingly did not exist. I almost gave up when Torq-Comm came to my rescue. Through my distributor, I was put in contact with Rick and Paul Iannello. Within 7 days I was using the Commander XT1000 data collection system with only on the phone training due to the time sensitivity. Since my computer knowledge is basic, this is a testimony indeed to the user-friendliness of the Torq-Comm system. My customer was thrilled beyond belief that I was recording real-time data, which they could watch live, accompanied by user defined traceability information on every bolt I torqued. Date, time, GPS location, operator, tool and many other parameters were tagged with the collected data. The system was easy to set up and use and the technical support is phenomenal. The job which would usually require three people can now easily be done with just two. Justification is a no-brainer. I can’t say enough good about this system and I believe it will revolutionize the bolt torqueing industry. Highly recommended if data acquisition is a necessity.

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