The system has been great. It has given us far more accuracy than any other systems we've used in the past.  I can say I am 100% confident that these bolts are 100% spot on.
Scott Ridley
Cirrus Wind Services, Ltd
The Torq-Comm system has definitely enabled us to conduct our work on bolted connections in a more controlled manner, a more efficient manner, and it prevents any missed connections/fasteners. It enables us the ability to record and present the data to any auditors, OEM’s, or clients, and we can now register all our connection torque data in our maintenance system.
Gordon Smith
WCM Superintendent & Technical Authority, Maersk Drilling
This system couldn't have made an Engineer's job easier. Living in a world where technology is constantly evolving, I truly believe that this device has proved itself. As  Petroleum Engineer, I never thought that fastening nuts and bolts can be made this simple.
Venita Simbhoo
Systems Engineer, Surialke

Revolutionary Industrial Bolting Data Collection Technology


A rugged, handheld production control system designed as an assembly aide while collecting critical hydraulic bolting data.
The administration center for the creation of assembly jobs, maintaining libraries of pertinent information, and the storage and reporting of all collected data.

All the capabilities of the XT1000 in addition to wirelessly adjusting pump pressures quickly and accurately from 60-80 feet away in as little as 5 seconds.

Powerful Features

With a hi-res camera, GPS, barcode with 1D, 2D, & RFID, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G-4G cellular, almost all data collection scenarios are possible.

Advanced, Patent-Pending Technology

With wireless data capture of torque and pressure readings, GPS location and date & time stamp for each bolt, combined with remote wireless pump control and cloud storage, it proves to be a unique system that no bolter should be without. Insuring you have the data to support your performance is now a reality with Torq-Comm.

Quality Support

Our team of dedicated systems integrators are ready to help meet your specific needs and surpass your expectations when it comes to service and support.

Safety Management

With safety organizations such as PHMSA (Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) recommending data collection to verify bolting procedures were performed according to specification, the Torq-Comm line of products exceeds all such requirements to insure safety.

Flexible Options

Automated transmission of data to the server for reporting job results, progress and current status allows remote access to the latest work instructions for each job where it’s needed the most. All instruments with electronic output could easily be interfaced with the Commander XT.

Simplify Setup

Whether from the Commander Software or directly on the Commander XT, jobs can be set up in a matter of minutes. Automatic pressure adjustments, automatic data capturing, and automatic data transfer to the cloud makes this system as simple as it gets allowing a single person to control the wrench, the pump and the data.

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